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Love Notes

"Dorianna presented at the PSALA retreat, Keep Pace with Change, on Structured Behavioral Interviews.   This topic was fairly new to our attendees and a little intimidating as it involved big data/metrics.  Our association is in the legal industry with firms that range in size from six to seven-hundred attorneys.  Needless to say the needs and resource of members are different.  Dorianna found a way to bring the information to each attendee in a way that was both inclusive and useful to all.  Her dynamic personality and warmth shined through even while discussing data/metrics – not an easy thing to do.  Our members left with practical tips and higher level of confidence. 
I cannot recommend Dorianna highly enough; she is truly superb."

Tara Binge
Director of Human Resources
Stoel Rives LLP

"I have known Dorianna for 12 years. In that time I have watched her grow and embrace the inner strength that has prompted her to share her passion for helping others succeed.

Her drive and determination is second to no one I’ve ever meant. Once she develops a plan, she follows through until each detail is completed to her incredibly high standards. 
Dorianna is kind, while at the same time, being firm. She has an uncanny ability to show compassion and understanding at the exact right moment. As a result, she is able to push you outside of your comfort zone in a slow and adaptable way. 

I highly recommend Dorianna as an empowering and eloquent public speaker, as well as a smart, brave and capable business consultant.”

Erica Simmons
Executive Assistant
Providence Health & Services


"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Dorianna. She has been one of the most responsive, organized, strategic, and enjoyable people to work with. I have been so impressed with her ability to lead and deliver results. I would highly recommend Dorianna's services and look forward to working with her more in the future."

Emily Glowney
Managing Director
Wegman Partners

"Dorianna was such a joy to work with on the Center for Women's Leadership Board. Her passion for the mission of developing leadership in young women shone through in every meeting and event. Her insights, ideas and willingness to jump in to projects helped us achieve record fundraising for the center. She never hesitated to share her experience and time as a mentor and panelist for the program."

Jessica Vega Pederson
Multnomah County Board of Commissioners

"I worked with Dorianna for a number of years at a large legal services corporation.  Dorianna was always solutions oriented, no matter what the issue.  We often encountered situations that we’d not yet been in before, and they were always attached to aggressive deadlines.  I particularly enjoyed working with Dorianna because she was unflappable.  She focused on what needed to be done, and led the team to identify and employ a plan to get the job done, not just to meet the deadline, but also to exceed the clients’ expectations.  Her ability to lead collaboratively while remaining laser focused on the overall objective is extremely rare." 

David Garcia
DG Tax & Consulting

"Over the years, we've worked with many talent development professionals and it's been our distinct pleasure to partner with Dorianna and her team.  Dorianna possesses a skill set uniquely qualified to help individuals and organizations maximize their potential and achieve key objectives. Through unquestioned ethics, positivity and contagious enthusiasm, Dorianna organizes and motivates stakeholders to reach consensus and alignment of enterprise focus so crucial for growth and lasting change. She takes ownership, sees the big picture, and understands both the overt requirements as well as the subtler nuances of strategy implementation."

Wayne Russell & Taylor Florence
Founding Principal at Paladin Group

& Taylor FlorencePrincipal
The Paladin Group

"Dorianna is exceptionally talented. She is an inspiring leader with a passion to develop and grow successful teams.  Dorianna understands that innovation is imperative for organizations to compete in the marketplace.  She is able to help clients synthesize and innovate processes to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness and create a culture of innovation."

Jill King
Chief Talent Management Officer
Stoel Rives

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