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Career Coaching

Are you searching for purpose in your work and want
to align it with your passion? Do you feel the need to make a
shift in your professional life? When our passions and strengths
are aligned, we are happier, feel more stable, and we are
empowered to serve as an example to affect those around us in a
positive way. You work with a fitness trainer to align your body
and build your physical muscle, so why wouldn't you do the same
for your professional development?
Inspire Consulting & Coaching will help you identify your
strengths, define your passions, create your personal brand, fine
tune your resume and social media profile, and sharpen your
presentation and interview skills to prepare you for your next step.

Career Coaching

What is holding you back from living your best
life? Live a happier and wholehearted life by identifying
and leaning into your strengths. Identify your self-sabotaging
behaviors and learn how to enact behaviors
that empower you and stop this senseless chatter. It is
time to achieve your dreams with Dorianna as your guide
and accountability partner. Click here for more...


Have more questions about the PQ Bootcamp? Schedule a free 30-minute call with Dorianna to discuss the program by clicking here.

Ready to sign up for a PQ Bootcamp and change your life? Check out events page for information on the next session. These sell out quick, so you'll want to register soon. 

Positive Intelligence (PQ) Bootcamp

Positive Intelligence (PQ) Bootcamp

Remember having your group of best friends
when you were younger to help guide you, laugh or cry
with you, who met you where you were in life and
provided endless support? As we age it is hard to find the
same connections with other humans. Discover the
empowering and healing effects of a Hive Retreat
experience with an immersive experience where you’ll join
a group of kind, compassionate, like-minded individuals
who seek to build a Hive with you. You’ll focus on

nurturing your physical and emotional body with nutrition;
institute a mindfulness and daily yoga practice to
empower and propel you in your life; learn tools to help
manage and reduce your stress levels, and discover
powerful techniques to bond you with your cohort helping
you to live your best life aligned with your passions. Come
build a Hive of trusted advisors to see you
through your journey.


Talent Consulting

You sell talent! The teams you employ are what your
customers purchase from you, no matter your business.
Employees want more than a paycheck and a 401K, so how do
you align with the desires of your prospective talent pool? Be
competitive with impactful talent acquisition strategies, define
and establish your culture, develop an agile and strategic
recruiting model, and learn how to leverage analytics to partner
with the right team members.

Talent Consulting

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