In The Beginning….. Holy Mother Of Pearl!

Welcome! Mother of Pearl….. It is happening! What is that you ask? Well I am certainly glad you did ask because I have a lot to share, but don’t worry as I know (thank you science for the data) that we have about a two-minute attention span for anything online these days, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. I took the biggest jump of my life and left my corporate law job leading a team at a firm of over 1,000 employees to head out on my own and chase my dream. Did your jaw just drop? Did you drop a WTF? You got the sentiment just right if you had either reaction.

So here we are on this brand new website with this brand new business. I am so excited to formally announce I.N.SPIRE Consulting and Coaching to the world. It has been years in the making as I gained experience working for marketing firms, advertising agencies, corporations, leading teams and hiring/development efforts for two of the largest law firms in Oregon, and all to lead up to the moment where I stepped out on my own to assist others in their journey. Mother of Pearl is right!

The Reader’s Digest version of this leap is simple, I was ready! I had made a choice in my life to pursue a dream of traveling the world with my partner and to take the many, many wonderful lessons I have learned at present, and those to come, and share them with others by way of inspiration..mixed with a lot of strategy and intentions. Do you get the name now? I (Dorianna), N (“in”), Spire (inspire)…I am determined to inspire, motivate, and to help others create meaningful connections with their passion, their purpose, and with others in their community. My Tribe/Hive of powerful, resourceful, and inspirational people has helped me do great, and often, hard things in my life. I think everyone deserves and needs to have the same support to achieve their personal and professional dreams. Plus, let’s face it, when you are happy and achieving your dreams the impact you have on others is great, which means you directly impact the company you work for and those around you. 

Over the years I have worked with leaders and teams varied in size, title, and skill level to design and implement systemic change. This includes revamping hiring practices to select and retain remarkable talent, designing professional development programs, and developing best practice solutions to take businesses from “good” to “great”. The journey has been incredible and it has afforded me the opportunity to be an enterprising entrepreneur.

Taking this journey also allows me to do one of my favorite things, public speaking.  I love speaking to an audience of any size, but really the larger the group the more excited I am. There is a magnetic energy that fills the room when you have a collective conscience working together to enact change. This is my “sweet spot”. I suppose I owe a big thank you to StrengthsFinder, Meyers Briggs, and D.I.S.C for the data to help me hone in on this strength. In truth this really is the thing I was meant to do in my life. I realized that some of you just threw up thinking about the idea of public speaking, so don’t worry, you can bow out, hire me, and we will all have a victory party together.

So what is next with this new venture? And you thought I’d just be sitting at local coffee shops chillin’ in my hipster clothing (I do own a beanie), sipping on a cappuccino (which I happen to like when I am in Europe or Portland), with my oversize black reading glasses (mine are small because I am not that cool and sometimes I struggle to read without them…don’t judge me). NEGATIVE GHOST RIDER! I am in the midst of planning a retreat for women! YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! I am putting together a retreat in Oregon for women to connect with other like-minded women, eat delicious local and organic meals (prepared by a female chef), practice yoga, learn a mindfulness practice to stop the senseless chatter that often holds women back, identify their self-sabotaging behaviors and put measures in place to stop this self-flogging behavior for good; not to mention building a hive with a cohort for lasting friendships, support, and connection with other women. I am also firming up a few speaking engagements, so be sure to sign up for emails to learn more about the hip happenings of this Queen Bee. 

~This adventure would not be possible without the many, many mentors and champions who have spent lots of time coaching, encouraging, and supporting me through my growth. I am eternally grateful to all of you for the many gifts you bestowed upon me. Thank you for your time, your wisdom, and for being willing to invest in me~

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