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Meet D

Where does inspiration come from? Inspiration starts at the very foundation of who we are as people. As children, our imaginations know no limits because we are encouraged to think outside the box. Somewhere along the way, the ability to find inspiration from our daily surroundings is muted and buried by the stress of life.

Dorianna wants to help I.N.Spire you and help guide you to find your passions again. Whether in your personal life or your professional life, Dorianna wants to meet you where you are at and walk through the journey with you. Too often we see our jobs and our passions as being separate from each other, but what if they could work together?

With a background in Marketing and Leadership, and after years of working in Talent Acquisition for large firms, Dorianna has developed a keen eye for spotting people’s strengths and building upon them.

Making room for people to embrace their passions is what Dorianna does best. As a Coach, Dorianna understands the value of helping people reach their full potential. Whether an individual or a corporate team, I.N.Spire Consulting is the place to make that happen.

So where do we begin? Some times the best place to start is by having a conversation.  We all have a story. What is yours?

The Hive

Committee chair and board member, Center for Women, Politics & Policy at PSU, 2012 – 2018

Director, North Pacific Beach Volleyball Association,  2009-2015 

Coach, Oregon Juniors Volleyball Academy, 2005-2010

The Honey

Portland State University, B.S., Marketing/Advertising, minor in Communications, emphasis in public relations and leadership, 2002 


Certified in Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training (MBRT)

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